Thank you for the exceptional service you provide. I have had facials in “elite” spas, including the best in New York, and have yet to find a facial that surpasses yours.  Edie J.


What an exceptional person you are! The skill, knowledge and caring that you have make you head and shoulders above anybody in your field. When I came in for me appointments, I always left feeling physically and mentally lifted. You do a great job!  Mary G.


Something about your touch. Something about your caring. Something about your wanting to make a difference…..That’s what makes me coming back fore more!  Marlene D.


Thank you for everything you have done for my skin. You are so passionate about what you do. You care about each one of your clients immensely. Your hands have a magical power and an ability to send anyone you touch into a relaxing trance.  Victoria B.


You da man! Thank you for giving me hope during a time in my life when I really needed it. You love what you do, it shows, and your clients are better off for it. Thanks for your generosity and attentive care.  Aaron F.



Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday by appointment

429 N Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, Virginia
(540) 287-8580